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spaghetti syndrome.


During my extensive travels, I’ve seen a girl or two fall prey to Spaghetti Syndrome – when a female abuses her favorite vices until she slithers to the ground like a limp noodle, completely unguarded. Ladies, if you are overseas, do not allow yourselves to fall prey to Spaghetti Syndrome. Remember: At home in your parent’s basement it might be …

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drug bras.


It’s a terrifying experience to be on a bus in a foreign country where certain events cause you to suspect there may be drugs aboard. I met a Canadian couple in the Sahara desert some years ago who had landed themselves in an Ecuadorian prison, blamed for drug possession of marijuana that wasn’t theirs. I’ve had nightmares about it ever …

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the tequila disaster of 2004.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The events referenced in this post happened eight years ago. I have since become a somewhat more responsible adult. Somewhat. At least I’m more functional. ———————– When I lived in Japan I had a friend named Ramon from Honduras. He was part of a larger group of friends from all over the world that were in a scholarship …

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