about a turbulent tramp.

The turbulent tramp grew up in a cow town in the Midwest, where, at fifteen years old, she was the first among her working class family to obtain a passport.

Mexico was the tramp’s first destination abroad at which point she became obsessed with and addicted to the art of travel. Subsequent years led her to live in Spain, Greece, Japan, Argentina, and Mexico, with long intermittences in Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Guatemala, and England. She’s traveled through over thirty countries along the way.

The tramp is prone to hyperbole, and has the attention span of a toddler. She is a morning person, has a speaking voice that carries, and has been told that she walks “with purpose.” When she is not writing at or working full time, she works with her small nonprofit building computer labs in rural schools in South America.

The tramp likes Korean cars, kites, bacon, currency exchanges, mixology, men that build things, crepes, the Oxford comma, and Google-ing things that could have sexual connotations, like “snowshoeing in Wisconsin.” She does not like surfing (because of the El Salvador incident), being cold, mixing sweet and savory, constructive criticism, or mittens.


Please note that to protect the victims of the tramp’s storytelling, the names of participants in her shenanigans have been changed to ridiculous pseudonyms. The stories are told as the turbulent tramp remembers them, and some dialogue has been recreated, with other details being recovered from her journal and email correspondence.

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