frequently asked questions.

1. How do you manage to travel so much?

I’ll be adding to my work abroad series in the near future, which are the only posts that are not pure nonsense and actually have viable advice on how to support yourself overseas.

2. What’s the deal with your silly paint graphics?

Actually, I don’t use paint. Mainly because I’d rather stab myself than use a Microsoft product. (That’s a lie. I use lots of Microsoft products.)

3. Whoa, you use photoshop? Then why do your graphics look so shitty?

4. Your website doesn’t look like a blog.

That’s kind of the point. Blogs are busy and annoying with links and buttons everywhere. Gross. I’m trying to keep it clean and simple so you can read without being distracted by disgusting flash art.

5. Where do you live now?

I used to live in Chicago, the best city in America. However, I suffered from severe AMD (Acute Mountain Deficiency), so a Westerly move was necessary. I now call Denver home.

6. Whoa man, I wanna write a travel blog too. Can you help me build a website?


7. How can I get simple updates about when you post something new?

and get posts on your reader of choice.

You can contact me with other questions.