knife fights, chihuahuas, and sharks.


A Turbulent Tramp: 15 Years, 6 Continents, Countless Questionable Decisions

For the last four days in Dominican Republic (Saturday – Tuesday), there was no wind. When one goes to a country specifically to engage in a sport that requires wind, and the wind ceases, one tends to find other ways to entertain oneself.

Tanicus and I managed to find some other stuff to do.

1. We simulated a knife fight in the kitchen of our beach house.

Tanicus is very specific about knives. Therefore, he brings his own knives every time he travels, which is why we get along so well. This is an endearing quality that every man should aspire to mimic. Women should copy it also.

One benefit to having your knives with you is that when the weather is not conducive to kiteboarding, you can simulate knife fights, which is what Tanicus and I did on Monday, for no good reason. This kept us occupied for roughly one hour.

A Turbulent Tramp | Knife Fight in Dominican Republic | Travel Dominican Republic
A Turbulent Tramp | Fake Knife Fight | Travel Dominican Republic
A Turbulent Tramp | Knife Fight with Chihuahua | Travel Dominican Republic Blog

2. We went to the beach and drank liquor out of coconuts.

When choosing where to live or play, “ease of access to liquored coconuts” should be pretty high on your priority checklist. I’m somewhat horrified that there is not one single entrepreneur on Montrose Beach in Chicago taking advantage of this money-making opportunity during the summer months. Obtaining a reliable source of liquored coconuts is the most important measure of one’s success in life.

A Turbulent Tramp | Coconuts and Rum | Travel Dominican Republic

3. We borrowed a Chihuahua named Spike Lee and fed him human food.

Tanicus and I pretty much bought this Chihuahua’s love by giving him people food. Now he won’t leave our house. (UPDATE: yesterday Spike Lee also brought his friend, a pug named Jet Leigh. Now they are both pretty much full time at our house.)

Let it be known that I do not normally like Chihuahuas or Spike Lee. However, somehow when combined they made the perfect creature.

A Turbulent Tramp | Chihuahuas in Dominican Republic | Travel Dominican Republic

A Turbulent Tramp | Chihuahua in Dominican Republic | Travel Dominican Republic

4. sharks.

Oh yeah, there are no sharks here. I was pleased to discover this.

A Turbulent Tramp | Sharks | Travel Dominican Republic

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