Survival skills are different for us ladies. Here's my most valued advice. Only some of it is nonsense.

  • spaghetti syndrome.


    During my extensive travels, I’ve seen a girl or two fall prey to Spaghetti Syndrome – when a female abuses her favorite vices until she slithers to the ground like a limp noodle, completely unguarded. Ladies, if you are overseas, do not allow yourselves to fall prey to Spaghetti Syndrome. Remember: At home in your parent’s basement it might be …

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  • stormin’ mormon.


    **NOTE** — After receiving hate mail from Mormons, please understand that I’m very aware that Mormons are on a two-year mission when sighted abroad. I’m not an idiot. The post below is for comedic value only. Calm the f**k down. – If you are living or traveling overseas, particularly in an obscure country or off the beaten path, chances are …

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  • the f**k-you face.


    The first time I traveled abroad completely independently, I was 18-years old. I arrived in Guatemala City, naïve and alone, an eternal optimist. Even the sketchiest of people would receive nothing but kindness from me… Most people in the world are good, right? Wrong. Being nice and smiling at every old pervy sketch-ball that passes by will get you nowhere. …

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